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We're Brett & Erin Barry - homeschooling pioneers who are passionate about God, truth, life, marriage, family, creativity, community and generally trying to help make this world a better place whenever and wherever possible. 


Regarding home education, we've been at it for over 20 years, graduating our three children, as well as helping other parents and children throughout our journey. It's been quite a trek, to say the least, but definitely the right decision...each time we made it (yes, there were many times along the way that we wanted to quit).


Overall, our philosophy from the beginning has been, if we can teach our children to love and respect God, others, learning and hard work, we will have been successful. Of course, you'd have to meet our kids and decide for yourself just how well that has worked out, but, while we're all certainly a work in progress, from where we stand its been an effective perspective.


At any rate, thank you for dropping by. Let us know if we can be of help, and may you settle for nothing less than God's best in your home education journey.


Brett & Erin Barry


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* For the more official bio stuff, you can check below. 

Brett Barry: Artist / Singer-songwriter / Lead Worshiper


With nearly two decades in the Nashville recording industry and extensive national and international touring, Brett Barry is a seasoned singer, music minister, and award-winning songwriter with an infectious knack for capturing in song the idiosyncratic twists and turns of faith, life and love. An ordained minister of the gospel and veteran lead worshiper, he has also directed worship and technical ministries for the past 14 years and is committed to crafting relevant art that effectively represents God’s holiness and compassion toward humanity.


In addition to his artistry, Brett is the founder and director of InseparableLives.com, a ministry devoted to nurturing Christ-centered hearts and minds who produce strong marriages, families and communities, and TheHomeEducatedMind.com (THEM), a Kingdom-focused consulting and equipping hub and support community for home educators dedicated to raising up tomorrow's leaders, today. 

A 30-year marriage veteran, Brett served on the Board of Directors for the Marriage Resource Center of Frederick County from 2009 through 2016. He and his wife Erin, a professional educator, author and keynote speaker, have three children and reside in Frederick, MD.

Erin Barry: Speaker / Educator / Home Education Consultant


Erin Barry has been home educating children for 20 years and, with transparency, personal stories, and humor delights in each opportunity to share her experiences with others interested in any aspect of the homeschooling journey. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Masters in Clinical Christian Counseling and has taught professionally from pre-K to college.


Erin’s passion is to see parents become both encouraged and empowered in their faith in Christ and fully equipped to train and guide their children toward the unique individuals they were created to be. As a veteran with Classical Conversations, an international homeschooling organization, she is grateful to Leigh Bortins and the CC programs for their dedication to providing parents with both the knowledge and tools to make home education not only possible but extremely effective and fulfilling. Within CC, Erin has been a Challenge A, B, II, III and IV Director, Tutor Trainer, Practicum Speaker and Practicum Speaker Trainer, and helped launch the Practicum Alumni Support Team (PAST) initiative.

Additionally, Erin and her husband, Brett, an award-winning singer/songwriter, are founders of InseparableLives.com, a ministry devoted to nurturing Christ-centered hearts and minds who produce strong marriages, families, and communities, and The Home Educated Mind at (THEM), a Christ-centered community of home educators dedicated to raising up tomorrow's leaders, today.


Erin is the author of Yes! You Can Homeschool, The Terrified Parent's Companion To Homeschool Success. She currently resides in Frederick MD with Brett and their three children.


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